Why SBS?

Mastering the Business of Business

Here’s how we can help you get what you want from your business!


We help people to get what they want from their businesses. We do that by providing a comprehensive system that starts with a shared vision, gets the right people on the bus, utilizes performance driven metrics, creates a system for solving problems, solidifies core processes and ultimately sets and achieves realistic goals.

  1. Vision, we help you create a unified vision along with your leaders to ensure complete participation and buy in. That leads to similar desires for the greater good.
  2. Right People, Right Positions, as Jim Collins would say, getting the right people on the bus and getting rid of those that do not want the same things you want.
  3. Establish Performance Metrics, utilizing a set of metrics that aligns with the goals of the company for each functional area and ultimately each seat on the bus.
  4. Solving Key Issues, utilizing a systematic approach to resolving issues. Through the right meeting structure we teach your team to become expert problem solvers and eliminate the “Got a minute meetings”.
  5. Business Process Management, come to understand the core things that make your business work and get them documented and leaned out so you can be productive and consistent.
  6. Goal Ownership, set, manage and achieve goals on a periodic basis that will transform how you operate your business and will change how your team actively helps you.
  7. Lifestyle Freedom, it’s not only financial freedom, but freedom from worry, with the ability to do only the work you enjoy, and freedom to spend time away from work doing the things we want to do with the people we love.
  8. Leadership/Management Training, many business are started by entrepreneurs who lack the knowledge and training to lead, manage and hold people accountable. Through our John Maxwell Certification, we train these entrepreneurs to have what it takes to be a great leaders.

We get to the point where your entire organization is crystal clear on the company vision, all much more disciplined and accountable in executing the vision, and everyone energized to see it through.

Here’s how we have helped others in their business!

“Gary helped me go from creating a job for myself to having a real company. Within 3 months of working with Gary I increased my sales 30%, cutting wasteful spending by 20%, moved into a new office, and started hiring my staff.” Max Keller – Real Estate Investor, Max Buys Homes LLC


“We now have a clear picture of where the business is going and how to get there. We now have our entire leadership team on the same page and working together. We are extremely excited to implement the EOS system. I highly recommend working with Sharper Business Solutions LLC to help improve your company’s business processes, structure, and overall health. I only wish I had found Gary and Sharper Business Solutions sooner. All members of our leadership team are excited and highly motivated to implement everything learned at our event.” Chad Nadler – Owner, Gothic Investments LTD


“After working with Gary our company leadership has a singular focus and renewed excitement for moving forward and achieving real goals. The tools Gary implemented and his guidance allowed us to put concrete plans into place and begin the action steps needed to accomplish those plans.” Paul Boyce – John Doe Design LLC


“Gary has a very unique way to help people understand their business. Within three days you can be completely set up for a small to midsize business $1 million to $100 million in revenue. However, Gary has also consulted for fortune 500 companies. I have never seen anyone teach me how to do processes and process map my process better than Gary.. in my opinion his entire weekend was worth it just to teach us how to process map our processes… pure genius!” Tom Olson – Olson Property Services


“If you have not worked with Sharper Business Solutions then you are missing out on a great opportunity to improve your business. If your goal is to improve as a company (and as a person), then this team needs to be on your corner. Gary and Susan are helping our team in building our process maps and we are extremely satisfied with their guidance and knowledge in RE resources. Whether you are starting out or are running a well-established business, Gary and Susan will find ways to improve your methodology. 10 Stars!” Erick Leon – Revitalized Homes